How It Works

Your Questions, Answered!

1Why do I need a Home Watch Service?
Leaving a property for any amount of time comes with risks. Home Watch Services help reduce that risk by going through a comprehensive list each time we service your home. This helps reduce possible damage from a leaky pipe, identify vandalism or forced entry right away so the authorities can be notified as well as many other possible issues. Removing newspapers and taking in the mail will help reduce the look of a vacant home. Home Watch Services in some cases can help ensure you’re in compliance with your homeowners’ insurance policy and most importantly give you piece of mind.

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2Where do you provide service?
We currently provide service in Coronado and San Diego CA.
3What are the benefits of GPS/ Photos?
Our clients get peace of mind knowing we were actually at their property with our built- in GPS Geo-Fence technology. This also helps document each visit should your homeowners’ insurance ever require proof of visits.
4What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers, cash, and PayPal
5How do handle an emergency?
When we set up your account we will ask specific questions regarding emergencies and use that information to guide our response. We will stay on scene until the situation is handled and report any vandalism, suspicious circumstances or crimes to the authorities right away.
6Do I have to sign a long- term contract for services?
No. We offer a variety of packages to choose from and you my cancel at any time with written notice.
7Can you make referrals for contract work which may need to be done?
Yes. We can give you several options for local licensed service providers ranging from Real Estate Brokers, Contractors, Property Managers, and many more. We never take commission for referrals. We simply want to make sure you are getting a licensed and established provider.
8Are you insured and bonded?
Yes. We carry both General Liability Insurance as well as a Dishonesty Bond. We also hold a business tax license in both San Diego and Coronado Ca.
9How many times a month is normal for a Home Watch Visit?
One Stop Home Watch wants to provide the very best service possible and so we have a minimum of two visits a month and no maximum. We believe that to truly help reduce risk we need to walk through the property at least twice a month and some homeowners’ policies will require someone walk through the property every 14 days. For these we advise on at least 3 visits a month. There are those companies who will offer once a month service, however it’s our opinion this is not enough to adequately reduce risk and protect your home.