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The #1 all-inclusive home watch service in San Diego

OneStop Home Watch is a Bonded and Insured company so you have 100% peace of mind.

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What is OneStop Home Watch?

One Stop Home Watch is for people who spend time away from their home. This can include a second home or even an annual family vacation. We go through a comprehensive checklist, record GPS location data and take photos of the home. One Stop Home Watch also provides services such as our Car Drive Program, Senior Services, Key Access Service and Arrival Grocery Service. If a problem arises, we will coordinate the solution with your choice of licensed companies. One Stop Home Watch currently offers service in Coronado and San Diego CA.

Home Watch Services can help satisfy some Homeowners’ insurance policies, which require someone walk through the home regularly to reduce the likelihood of serious damage. One Stop Home Watch will conduct comprehensive exterior and interior checks which are documented in your account. Other services include Key Access, Senior Services, Car Drive Program and Arrival Grocery Service.

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Travelling soon and don't know who to trust with your property?

Spend your vacation with your family and not have to worry about your home. All you want is peace of mind while you’re away! Our home check services keep your property protected, so you can enjoy your travel without bothering a house sitter, your family, friends or neighbors!
One Stop Home Watch Property Specialists are trained and trusted professionals who are bonded and insured.

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